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Vertical Toggle Clamps

One of the most essential devices in any household, vertical toggle clamp are must have in homeowners stock. From holding down any object to keeping the things stationary while you work, vertical toggle clamps work overtime to make sure that everything goes as perfectly as you need it to be. They are multipurpose tools that yield highest clamping force, making it easier to work. With the handle and arm in the same axis, the vertical toggle clamp gives numerous advantages with unlimited functions to any individual.

The worst thing that happens when you are working is the free movement of the object. No matter what you are going, giving the object free rein while you are working does nothing but complicate the work more. Vertical toggle clamp makes sure that does not happen. They clamp down on the object, keeping it stationary and allowing it easier to work. The unique axis direction of handle and arm enables you to hold down the work piece and push, pull or squeeze according to your requirements.

With its numerous functions, vertical toggle clamp offers its services in fields such as woodworking, DIY and more.

· Reliable

In the woodworking and DIY industry, one of the most important things that a person requires is reliability. You cannot trust a tool that puts your work as well your safety at risk. Vertical toggle clamp makes sure that does not happen. The efficient setup of the vertical toggle clamp makes sure that you are able to work accurately and efficiently without putting yourself at risk. This also means that your work time is reduced

· Adaptability

One of the best functions of vertical toggle clamps is their ability to adapt. Perfect for the field of rough casting and forging, vertical toggle clamps offer high exerting force making it easier to work. With the adjustable screws, you can apply the desired force. This is helpful when you are working with different metals.

· Versatility

Unlike the various toggle clamps available in the market, vertical toggle clamps offer the highest kind of versatility. Handle design, handle placement and pressure rating all make vertical toggle clamps perfect for metal, woodwork and DIY industry. Available in both manual and automatic settings, the clamps also have aesthetic appeal. With their various finishes such as zinc plated, chrome finish, stainless steel and nickel plated, the toggle clamps are finally corrosion resistant.

· Safety

No matter what are your requirements with the vertical toggle clamps, it is very necessary that you are always safe. Every industry, from work working to Do It Yourself to metals, needs the safety of the individual. Vertical toggle clamps assure that safety. These clamps have a positive locking system which makes it quite easier to keep the objects locked in a single position. No matter the amount of pressure to exert on the object it stays locked in the position. This means no muscle fatigue or strains. Vertical toggle clamps are designed in such a way that you are safe while working with the power tools and equipment. All this safety is due to the great axis direction and handle direction.

· Ergonomics

Any industry that requires toggle clamps also puts a high strain on the muscles and the body. This often leads to muscle fatigue and unnecessary sprains. Vertical toggle clamps make sure that does not happen. The innovative vertical toggle clamps design assures that with the contoured handle grip, you’ll not only be able to fit the handle better in your grip but will be able to work without putting unnecessary strain on your body and muscles.

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