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Usually used as a woodworking device, Toggle clamps are the devices perfect for securing the objects in place. Commonly, toggle clamp has a handle, a lever system to apply pressure and a securing bar. While the lever system applies pressure on the object to keep it steady for the work, securing bar makes sure that the objects joined won’t separate or move.

While experienced carpenters can easily tell you the kind of toggle clamp they need for the particular work; however, to a new, inexperienced person, it might be difficult to understand and know. Finding and selecting a perfect toggle clamps depends upon the work, you’ll be doing. A horizontal clamp is perfect for low height locations rather than a vertical clamp, even though, vertical clamp might feel as a better choice.

How to choose perfect toggle clamp?

Selection of a toggle clamp depends upon the work that you are doing. But before that, you need to know about the different types of toggle clamps and where you should use them. Each clamp is different – with different heights, places to fastening, holding capabilities, portability and more.

Vertical Toggle Clamps

Vertical Toggle Clamps:

Straight up when locked, Vertical toggle clamps are capable of holding a huge amount of pressure. Designed for an assortment of holding capabilities, these clamps are secured to the table. The most common objects that are often secured with the vertical toggle clamps are wood or other objects around the machinery. If you pull the handle of the vertical toggle clamps, you would be able to lift the securing bar and place the required bar under the clamp. By applying the required pressure, you can move the handle in the vertical position. Want to cut a piece of wood for jigsaw or more, then, vertical toggle clamp is the way to go.

Horizontal Toggle Clamps

Horizontal Toggle Clamps:

With a semi vertical securing arm and handle, Horizontal toggle clamps are almost similar to the vertical toggle clamps, differing only in the alignment. In a horizontal toggle clamp, handle moves toward the table to lock the securing arm. Often used when there are restrictions in machinery usage due to heights, they are secured on the table.

Push-Pull Toggle Clamps

Push-Pull Toggle Clamps:

Generally called straight line toggle clamp, push-pull toggle clamps are best suited to join or hold two objects while you work on them. The handle of the push-pull toggle clamps moves the securing bar in the straight line. When the securing bar is in place and handle engaged, the two objects are pushed together so that the person can easily work on them without any problem. This toggle clamp can be generally locked in two positions.

Latch Toggle Clamps

Latch Toggle Clamps:

Featuring a movable handle, a powerful securing bar, Latch toggle clamps do just what their name says. A latch toggle clamp latches the object down to the table, making it easier to work on. It is generally used for fastening lids, doors of moulds and more, it has only a bit of use in the wood work industry.

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